Organic certification indicates that food has been produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. There is an emphasis here on minimising environmental impact, the responsible use of energy, the avoidance of human intervention in nature as far as possible, and sustainable production in harmony with natural cycles. Food products that carry the organic label meet the strictest legally defined standards and provide a guarantee of ecological cultivation, regulated production and processing, eco-friendly trade and regular inspections. By choosing products bearing an organic label, consumers are making a positive contribution to environmental protection and the maintenance of biodiversity.

Organic empowers the producers

Eco-friendly and organic agriculture helps to sustain natural soil fertility because the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, antibiotics and similar substances is strictly controlled. The use of genetic engineering is completely prohibited. This means that local resources can be optimally utilised and animal and plant species can adapt ideally to local conditions. This guarantees higher food quality and a more sustainable use of farming land. Although yields are lower due to smaller production quantities and longer production times, farmers who follow sustainable practices can be sure of higher premiums. This guarantees a regular income and also makes financing available for other social and economic initiatives.

Organic creates trust

High quality isn’t just important to producers, it's also an essential factor in consumer buying choices. Consumers demand healthy organic products free from chemical residues and a sustainable approach to the use of natural resources. All these expectations are satisfied by the organic food label. This label shows that a product meets all the legal requirements relating to eco-friendly and organic production and that regular inspections are carried out.

The EU organic logo is based on two well-known symbols: the European flag and a leaf, which is used in various forms to represent nature and sustainability. The combination of these two symbols creates a unique visual element which is both self-explanatory and appealing.