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Home Collection Service

For home coffee machines that require maintenance and/or service repair (within or without warranty) we offer you our collection service to your address.

Contact us through and place an “orden de reparación”, and we will arrange the collection and later shipment of your machine, once repaired, at the address by you informed. We will send you a "service box" (only available in Spanish peninsula), so that at the same time that the courier delivers you the adapted box, you will introduce your coffee machine in it, and with no delay, your machine is sent to our Hospitality Centre in Barcelona.

Note: remember to empty the water tank and grounds container before introducing into the service box.

Costs of this Service, as follows:

  1. If your machine benefits from warranty terms, this service is free of charge.
  2. If your machine does not benefit from warranty terms, transportation fees and service box (where available) are 34,90 € for Spanish peninsula and Majorca, 54,90 €* for Balearic inter-islands, 29,90 €* for Gran Canaria and Tenerife and 49,90 €* for Canarias inter-islands. 

* Round trip transportation. Taxes included.